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My laptop has died

My laptop has died a horrible death and I’m not happy about it. I bought it about 3 years ago from Linux Certified, way back when Linux laptops was a novel concept.

It flat out won’t power up. There is power from the power cord (checked it with a multi-meter), but the light won’t light, the power won’t pow and the battery won’t batter.

This will slow down my blogging, emailing, and working on It’s All Text!

This comes at a bad time since I just bought a house. *sigh*

On the plus side, there are two companies (EmperorLinux and System76) selling laptops with Linux pre-installed. And Apple’s MacBook Pro runs Ubuntu (and even under Parallels).

I have to admit, I like the Apple designed hardware. I’ve been a fan since I took apart my old clamshell laptop. It was all very clever and well built. And I can tell the newer stuff is even better.

So, does anyone have any suggestions or ideas?


UPDATE [2007-11-29]: I have ordered a Macbook Pro and Parallels. I have my Ubuntu CD and stickers ready. I still have to pry my hard-drive out of the old laptop and hook it up some how to recover my old data. *sigh* I wish my laptop hadn’t died.

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