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We Haz Ferrets!

The ferrets in

We just got our selves a pair of ferrets. Yay! And boy are they cute and energetic.

You can identify which is which by their foreheads. One (the alpha) has a white forehead. The other has a pair of dark marks on her head.

Both are female.

They still need to settle into our household. Though the dark mark one did her happy dance this morning (its hard to describe, but great fun).

The other, the alpha, is apparently a hand biter. Since she bites when nothing is going on, I suspect she is either still stressed out or has bad associations with hands. They were cage ferrets and have never had owners, so we have a little work ahead making them comfortable with people.

Check out the photos and give us some suggestions for names!

[update 2010-04-12: They have been named! The alpha is Fang and the non-alpha is Pepper.]


P.S.: Man, are these things hard to photograph. They don’t sit still for a moment. Pure energy. I’m sure as they get more used to us, we will get better photos.

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