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TextMate 2 Articles

Last week, TextMate 2.0 early-alpha was released. This release has been a long-time coming. It includes lots of improvements that people have wanted for a long time.

I am currently a TextMate user. Mainly because I’m an OS X and do Ruby programing and TextMate has lots of things to make this easier. I still love Emacs, though. One of the things I’ve been waiting for has been mark-and-select (a.k.a. control-space in Emacs). I haven’t seen it yet, but then again, I’m only starting to play with TM2.

This is just a post to place all the helpful links, posts, etc. into one place so I can stop leaving open tabs in my browser (and so you can see them too).

  • rmate is a way to open textmate from a remote system. Using it securely requires setting up SSH forwarding.
  • A new site: TextMate 2 tips
  • .tm_properties is the new way to configure projects.
  • A Whitespace Bundle that shows invalid white space (think git diff --check).


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