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Sucky soda

I am not a soda fan.

I don’t like Pepsi, Coke, etc. They taste like chemicals to me.

The last soda I like was an orange Fanta I got in a McDonalds in Germany. It did not taste like anything I’ve gotten in the US. It was not sickly sweet and actually tasted good.

I’ve come to realize that part of the reason for this is high fructose corn syrup, but that isn’t all of it. I think the sodas in America are just horrible.

And things like this video from pretty much prove that the big US sodas are crap.

Does anyone know of a store in Pittsburgh like Soda Pop Stop? Wandering around the store would be more informative (and fun) than ordering online, I think.


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You might consider trying either Jones soda or Hansen’s soda, both of which use cane sugar instead of HFCS.

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