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SPORE DRM part 3

It looks like EA decided to listen to their customers (and would-be customers):

Answering your feedback about Spore Online Accounts.

Short summary: They will add screen names, allowing 5 people to share the same account.

This is good news.  Other announcements that they have made include: bumping the number of hardware activations from 3 to 5. Adding the ability to deactivate a hardware deactivation (so you don’t have to contact EA support if you upgrade the hardware too much).

DRM sucks as a whole but at least EA is trying to make it less of a hassle.  I still recommend that you only use SPORE on a Mac; the windows version of SecuROM seems to hork up windows systems, sometimes in unobvious ways.



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Christian Olsson

End users should be able to install the game/software on an unlimited number of computers and keep on adding installations, as hardware changes or system crashes etc. occur. The real item to control is not the number of installations; it is how many of these installations can be used, at the same time. Thus, with ByteShield, the permission to run moves from one PC to another, seamlessly. For more information see the whitepaper “Is Anti-Piracy/DRM the Cure or the Disease for PC Games?” which can be downloaded here

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