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Sir Paul McCartney

On Tuesday, I saw Paul McCartney at Citi Field.

It was AWESOME!!!

I played hooky from work to travel to New York. My brother scored the tickets and my Dad paid. How could I say no?

The concert was great. He did a bunch of his songs, a couple from wings, a bunch of Beatles songs and one John Lennon song (Give Peace a Chance with lots of audience participation).

His part of the concert was two and a half hours long.

I cannot tell you how awesome it was. I loved it. I’m still on a high from it five days later.

We were on the field it self, not in the A section (alas) but still close enough to make out the band on stage.

I screamed, shouted, clapped and stomped with the rest and the whole thing was great. Sir McCartney gives awesome concerts.

Sorry for over using the word “awesome” but … it was!

I’ll add images on Flickr later, between my Dad, brother and myself we had a lot of photos to go through.

I had to run out and reserve my copies of The Beatles Mono Box Set, The Beatles Stereo Box Set, and  The Beatles Rockband game.

BTW: To skip work, I said I was having my spleen out… what does the spleen do anyway?

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