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SimCity DS Landmark unlock codes

Yeah, I bought SimCity DS and found that it had an unlock code for the Washington Monument (a GameStop Exclusive!).

I figured that there were more and searched the web. I found a list, but it was missing one of the monuments (#12). Being the kind of person who can’t stand a missing bit of information, I went looking. I finally found it, but it took some work because none of the lists had the number next to them. So I compiled a complete list to share with anyone else who gets SimCity DS.

To enter one of these codes, from the main-screen pick Museum -> Landmark Collection and press the password button.

## Password Name Country
1 haykal Sphinx Egypt
2 mahfouz Great Pyramids Egypt
3 zewail Pharos of Alexandria Egypt
4 tagore Taj Mahal India
5 hokusai Himeji Castle Japan
6 yuantlee National Museum Taiwan
7 mishima Daibutsu Japan
8 hiroshige Mt. Fuji Japan
9 soseki Kokkai Japan
10 kawabata Atomic Dome Japan
11 phu Rama IX Royal Park Thailand
12 bradman Sydney Opera House Australia
13 damemelba Melbourne Cricket Ground Australia
14 camus Eiffel Tower France
15 hugo Notre Dame France
16 callas Parthenon Greece
17 bergman Stockholm Palace Sweden
18 gropius Brandenburg Gate Germany
19 beethoven Neuschwanstein Castle Germany
20 cervantes Palacio Real Spain
21 daumier Paris Opera France
22 f.scott Grand Central Station USA
23 hemingway LA Landmark USA
24 pollack Statue of Liberty USA
25 kerouac Coit Tower USA
26 twain Gateway Arch USA
27 melville Lincoln Memorial USA
28 poe United States Capitol USA
29 steinbeck White House USA
30 tolstoy St. Basil’s Cathedral Russia
31 ataturk Hagia Sofia Turkey
32 kivi Helsinki Cathedral Finland
33 maugham Tower of London UK
34 greene Westminster Abbey UK
35 orwell Big Ben UK
36 joyce Trafalgar Square UK
37 kipling Anglican Cathedral UK
38 austen Metropolitan Cath. UK
39 dickens Liver Building UK
40 defoe St Paul’s Cathedral UK
41 allende Moai Chile
42 amnesty United Nations UN
43 hanafuda Bowser Castle Nintendo
44 basho Shuri Castle Japan
45 shonagon Edo Castle Japan
46 rodin Conciergerie France
47 goethe Reichstag Germany
48 durer Holstentor Germany
49 mozart St. Stephen’s Cathedral Austria
50 dali Sagrada Familia Spain
51 thompson Jefferson Memorial USA
52 bunche Palace of Fine Arts USA
53 capote Washington Monument USA
54 mlkingjr Independence Hall USA
55 pauling Smithsonian Castle USA
56 gaugin Arc de Triomphe France



Gravatar for jeff

Thanks for the list. Very helpful!

Gravatar for fallon

Excellent list!! I had the same problem - found a list missing number 12, haha. Thanks SO much! :)

Gravatar for angie

Thanks :D I noticed the 12 missing too, but at first, I thought I just missed one. Unfortunately, I typed in each one AGAIN before finding this list D:

Gravatar for aidan

12 is there, it’s the sydney opera house

Gravatar for nooneyouknow

Odd. It wasn’t in a cheat code book my brother-in-law has either.

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Aaron of hell

I like you guy now I can build landmarks at my city

Gravatar for ashpika

How about Landmark password for Japanese version of SimCity DS?

Gravatar for docwhat

I don’t have the Japanese version. Nor do I speak Japanese. I found the above by searching the internets.

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