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RVM: ruby version management

I just discovered RVM, a tool for managing multiple versions of ruby on the same system. This is really useful on my MacBook Pro, since the built-in Ruby “has problems”. Such as having gems in weird locations which makes updating them difficult. Plus the fact that the OS X updater may clobber your changes without warning.

Setting it up is pretty easy and the versions of ruby installed are all yours, installed into your environment.


This is doubly useful for me, since I need to work with multiple versions of ruby (1.8.X and 1.9.X).


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Wayne E. Seguin

I am very glad that you are finding rvm useful!

If you have any questions and/or issues please hop in #rvm on IRC and we will help you sort them out. I am there most days from ~09:00EST-17:00EST and again from ~21:00EST-~23:00EST.

Thank you for using rvm!


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Clemens Wältken

“Some men are discovered; others are found out” Sorry, my english is to bad to get the point of this statement… Could u explain?

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“Some men are discovered” — implies that men with some positive attribute are discovered. “Discovery” implies something positive.

“others are found out” — “found out” implies that the subject was doing something in a concealed way. Cheaters, for example, are “found out”.

It becomes humorous since with the first part, because it sets up a positive connotation in the first half, then sort of knocks it down in the second half.


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