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OS X: Make an ISO

You can use Disk Utility to create ISO images in Mac OS X:

  1. Click “New Image+” on the tool bar
  2. For “Image Format” select “CD/DVD Master”
  3. For “Encryption” leave it at “none”
  4. Rename the resulting .cdr file to .iso

I found this handy hint on the Internet as well. To convert a .dmg file, you can use hdiutil to convert it!

hdiutil convert original.dmg -format UDTO -o newisoimage.cdr

Like above, it insists on naming it .cdr instead of .iso.



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Rich Hessler Solar

Thanks for the tip. Couldn’t remember how I did this to back up my files.

Gravatar for anonymous

Ok.. and how to add files to the empty ISO just created?

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You shouldn’t have an empty ISO image…when you click “New Image+” you are forced to select the folder that is the root of the ISO image. ISO images are normally only readonly.

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Officially RoboWare

To add files, click on the ‘example’ and it should come up with a white cuboid-like shortcut. then for example say you want Boot Camp software on windows, drag BootCamp5 to that and it should add the folder to the ISO. (sorry if it doesn’t work/the info I provided is incorrect)

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