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New Look!

Alrighty! I have me a new look and it is FRESH. ;-)

I got sick of working around some of the problems in sandbox. I don’t want to maintain an offshoot of an existing theme (or worse, code my own); I’ve done that before it I don’t like it.

So using some simple patches to add some extra semantic markup to the default wordpress theme, I created this page.

Notice how it has a nice fluid grid and how it handles resizing very well.  The CSS is actually kind of straight-forward too.  Though it could be minimized more, which I’ll do eventually.

I also downloaded WPTouch and will be playing with that shortly.


PS: I’m not trying to bad-mouth sandbox. It’s a great theme.  It’s just that it hasn’t been maintained or improved for a while. Wordpress 2.7 has lots of spiffy new features and sandbox doesn’t make use of them.  Worse, some of the features are similar, but not quite the same; plugins break on sandbox because of that.  And of course, the developer is trying to sell it off. :-/


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Preferred the old layout. I find this one kind of harsh on the eyes. The white background and the blue links are the culprits, I think.

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I’ll probably play with the colors some going forward. I like colors too much. :-)

As a friend pointed out to me, the new layout has that nice “simple” aesthetic that is pretty pleasing.

However, it still doesn’t feel “finished” or “polished” some how. Not sure.

The white does let me have a nice clean “whitespace” look though. I’ll probably tone down the blue, though.


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Poojan Wagh


I really like your theme (w/ the green top & bottom border). Seems like it is based off the Thematic framework. I was wondering if I could get access to your mods. I’d like to roll it out to my blog. Let me know. Thanks!

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