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New Look!

Alrighty! I have me a new look and it is FRESH. 😉

I got sick of working around some of the problems in sandbox. I don’t want to maintain an offshoot of an existing theme (or worse, code my own); I’ve done that before it I don’t like it.

So using some simple patches to add some extra semantic markup to the default wordpress theme, I created this page.

Notice how it has a nice fluid grid and how it handles resizing very well. The CSS is actually kind of straight-forward too. Though it could be minimized more, which I’ll do eventually.

I also downloaded WPTouch and will be playing with that shortly.


PS: I’m not trying to bad-mouth sandbox. It’s a great theme. It’s just that it hasn’t been maintained or improved for a while. Wordpress 2.7 has lots of spiffy new features and sandbox doesn’t make use of them. Worse, some of the features are similar, but not quite the same; plugins break on sandbox because of that. And of course, the developer is trying to sell it off. 😕

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