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Learning Java

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Since I have an Android phone I have to write software for it.  To write software for the phone, I have to use Java.

I’ve been looking around for something like Dive Into Python but for Java.  So far, no luck.

Any recommendations would be very welcome.

A friend who does work on an Eclipse plugin/extension recommended the Sun Java tutorials but says:

I never really used it as a “course”.  i.e. I didn’t start from the beginning and go chapter by chapter. I think I like it because it is organized by subject, so you can just jump down to whatever you are interested in.  I never really found an actual physical book that I liked.

Another friend has loaned me Learning Java and Java In A Nutshell.

I took the Sun web course on Java about 5 years ago, but I don’t remember much about it.  The courses spent too much time on things found in all languages and not enough about what makes Java different than, say, Python or C++.



  1. Essential Java Resources … in honor of Java’s 14th anniversary.


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