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How to beat the iPhone

For all those cell phone companies trying to figure out how to beat AT&T’s stranglehold on the iPhone; here’s a strategy that will let you go past it.

Create a new phone.  It should be simple.  It should include only a contact list, SMS, and voice mail.  It should not include calendars, mp3 players, or anything else.  It should be sleek, simple and stylish.

It should have one other feature: it should be able to act as a very short range WAP using wifi, bluetooth, or usb.


Because then a person can buy an iPod Touch or any other wifi, bluetooth, or usb networkable device and use your service.  Notice that the same phone can be used to connect a laptop, a netbook, a PDA, or anything else.



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This concept beats the iPhone in the same sense that a toolbox beats a swiss army knife.

Unfortunately, I don’t see many people carrying toolboxes in their pants pockets.

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