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How speakeasy made it better

As I mentioned before, I have been having trouble with Speakeasy.  I had already researched other competitors and was contemplating changing to someone else.  I would have missed the technical competency of Speakeasy support but I could live with the people who follow scripts.

Fortunately, I was called by Prince (name changed to protect the innocent); a manager for Speakeasy.  He fixed everything; he waived all costs (about $300) which includes the modem.  He agreed that paying for sub-par service wasn’t reasonable. After all, I could have stayed with Verizon for that (zing!).

He said that SpaceGhost never contacted him or filed a ticket for the manager to talk to me.  Apparently something in the ticket alerted him. I suspect it was that the ticket was open for 2 weeks.

So I am a happy person.

I have abandoned my EECB planning and have returned to DEFCON 5. It would have been a real pain if I had to switch vendors.


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