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Groove Scheme

Okay, I just recently discovered Groove Armada.  I really like their music (and I’m not entirely sure why).

Two guys started a club, called Groove Armada and then put out a CD of the music they performed.  The CD was well received and so they kept at it.

Currently, they tour with a huge band performing their grooves around the world in giant concert-slash-parties.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

When their contract expired with their record label, they declined to sign back up.  Instead, they signed up for a one year deal with b-live-share, a music sharing site  run by Bacardi (yup, the booze guys).

This site entices you to sign up to get one free song.  You then get another free song after getting more friends to sign up.

That’s right, it’s a music sharing Ponzi scheme multi-level pyramid scheme.  Early sharers will do great as the pool of available friends to share with is large.  Later sharers will do worse as the pool of available friends shrinks.

At least there isn’t the physically limited constraint of money trickling up; the music is digital downloads so infinite copies can be made.


Well, at the least I can offer you one free song:

(Click on it, please! I need my Groove Armada fix!)


[Update 2009-02-03: Staash correctly pointed out it’s a pyramid scheme, not a Ponzi scheme.]

Groove Armada albums:


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A minor quibble: it’s a pyramid scheme, not a ponzi scheme.

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