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Google Chrome; A brand-new browser

Great jumping Jesus in a sidecar with chocolate jimmies! Google has released their own browser, Google Chrome. They even created a comic book, Google Chrome, drawn by Scott McCloud (author of Zot!).

I’m not sure what I think.

On the one hand I feel that browsers do need an overhaul. When they crash (and they do) they take everything down. SSBs show us that parts of the web are actually applications and should be treated as such. The security models in most browsers are built around concepts that no longer make sense.

On the other hand: why create yet another browser? Safari, Firefox, IE and now this one?

But maybe the market needs another shake up. Safari & Webkit shook things up a little but because it only runs reliably on OS X it ultimately didn’t have much impact; except maybe as an example of how much a web page can look if the browsers supported more features.

Either way, I can’t wait till the Linux and Mac versions come out.


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