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Gerrit: Rename a Project

At work we’ve been trying out Gerrit. It is awesome in many ways, and yet in others it is sorely lacking.

One of the more obvious problems is the lack of administration functionality. For example, there is no administration interface for deleting or renaming a project.

However, I needed to rename a project and here is how I did it.

WARNING: This was done against schema_version 47. I make no promises that it works for other versions.

This is a SQL script. Replace the words NEW and OLD with your new and old project names. Since I did it for multiple projects, I used Perl to programmatically replace the values.

UPDATE account_project_watches
   SET project_name = 'NEW'
 WHERE project_name = 'OLD';

UPDATE projects
   SET name = 'NEW'
 WHERE name = 'OLD';

UPDATE ref_rights
   SET project_name = 'NEW'
 WHERE project_name = 'OLD';

UPDATE changes
   SET dest_project_name = 'NEW'
 WHERE dest_project_name = 'OLD';


This is enough to hold me over until issue 560 is finished.



Gravatar for benjamin staffin (@bstaffin)
Benjamin Staffin (@bstaffin)

As of Gerrit 2.5.3, there is no longer a projects table nor a refrights table, so you just have to update the remaining two: accountproject_watches and changes. You’ll also want to rename the git repository on disk, of course. There is documentation on the process at, though parts of it are specific to the openstack gerrit installation.

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