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Firefox Fix

I have a tendency to switch my default browser every so often. I like playing with new toys.

I just switched from Safari to Firefox 3.5.5 and discovered I couldn’t stand the way external links open in new tabs though I wanted new-window links such as target="_blank" to open in a new tab.

This used to work via

But no longer. They nuked this via bug 324164. I can sort of understand it. Most people want a new tab or a new window on each new link. However, if you use spaces in OS-X or desktops in Linux, then setting this unified option to “new tab” sucks — you have to play “hunt the window” every time you click a link in a program.


Fortunately, someone came to our rescue with a handy addon: Tabs Open Relative (Modified) by mojo-chan.

It also has the side-effect of opening new tabs just right to the current tab, like chrome does. I’ve become used to that behavior and definitely prefer it.


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