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BoxI started playing with Dropbox a few weeks ago and it’s pretty cool.

DropBox stores files in the “cloud”, which isn’t all that new.

However, their software that pushes and pulls files automatically behind the scenes is the really cool part.

I’ve been using it in OS X and Linux and both systems are pretty similar: You have a folder called Dropbox. Anything you drop in it automatically is copied to their servers and then to your other systems.

So I can drop something in Dropbox on my laptop and it is quickly becomes available on my desktop.

It comes with 2 gigs free but you can pay to upgrade to 50 gigs or 100 gigs. Not unreasonable, but I only need the internet version of a USB stick.


PS: All the links I provided are referrals.  If you use that then we both get free extra space.


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I was about to download this, but then I decided to give Mozy a shot instead. Mozy is owned by EMC, which makes me a little less worried that the company will go out of business and my data will go with it.

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