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Dr. Ross, O.D.

Dr. Ross and his staff are awesome and let me tell you why.

He’s a very practical guy. He’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently. And, he’ll answer any and all questions. Something that not all doctors do well. His staff is awesome and helpful as well.

I’ve been getting glasses from him for a while and the assistant mentioned daily wear contacts. So I made an appointment to try them out (when I last wore contacts, daily wear contacts had just come out and cost a fortune, now they are pretty darn cheap!).

Glasses at Dr. Ross's office

I wore them, but I had some of the eye-drying problems I had before at work (I’m a software engineer…I stare at a screen all day). So I borrowed a friends “computer glasses” (yellow tinted, with a +0.25 magnification) and they helped. Dr. Ross measured the magnification, since the glasses didn’t say what their magnification was.

Being scientific minded, I wanted to see if unmagnified, untinted glasses were just as good. Dr. Ross let me borrow a pair of display glasses (the demo glasses they use for showing off the frames) which had no magnification or tint. As it turns out, they did cut down on the dryness. Interesting!

In addition, he let me try a variety of contacts brands to see if some work better for me than others. When I last tried getting contacts, the eye doctor I had just sold me a box (no trials) and that was that. No different brands. No samples.

Any eye doctor can do the job, I’m sure, but Dr. Ross does it well!

Just as an extra: They had an old set of sample tints. They let me go through them for a while. It was trippy. Very late 70s.


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