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Cosmic Wimpout for the Palm

CWimp for the Palm

Way back when, I wrote a version of Cosmic Wimpout for the palm.

The page that had the links to the sources, the bug tracker, etc. have been slowly decaying. Since I have moved to a new webpage I decided to move Cosmic Wimpout over to Trac.

Link: CWimp on GitHub

Maybe someone will want to work on it. Or maybe I’ll buy a new palm one of these days. I heard rumors that Palm runs Linux or something like that.


UPDATE 2011-03: I have moved it to GitHub instead of hosting it locally. This project is really dead, but if it still works for you, great!


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Just a FYI, this game still works. I play 2.7beta on my Treo650 (PalmOSv5.4.8). I’ve never had a crash that I can attribute to this game. Granted, it doesn’t have 256colors, music, or fold my laundry but this game doesn’t need all that. Thanx for a great version of this dice game that I used to play a lot in High School study hall.

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Thanks here too!! Used to play your version on my Palm III and VI. Found you while looking for CW to play on my linux box…

back to searching…thanks again

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Dead links. Any chance they can be updated? I’m getting a new Palm device, and I need my portable CW fix!


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I updated the link. It’s nice that people still want to play it. But I doubt I’ll ever update it again. I’m just not that interested in Palm programming anymore.

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