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Robin and I saw Coraline on Saturday, in 2D. It was a great movie. We both liked it a lot. We liked it enough that we went to see it again in 3D on Sunday.

The 3D version made a good use of the technology.  They didn’t go nuts with it, which would have driven *me* nuts.  It was  “just there”.

Actually, the 3D made it feel like you were watching the little puppets being animated in real-time in front of you.  And the puppets are really nicely done, so it does add to it.

I understand that the 3D version is only going to be out for two weeks (it’s being pushed out by the Jonas Bros. Concert) so I recommend you see it now.

For people with glasses, it seem to work okay.  The glasses are big enough.  As usual, if you have different astigmatisms in each eye then 3D will be hard to watch.

Now I can’t wait till I get my copy of  the book.


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