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Cathy Ferguson

I had this idea of this huge post I’d write about how I went about getting a house and the paperwork and all that stuff.

Well, it turns out I really don’t want to write that. Instead, I’m going to write about one of the people that I can really recommend; Cathy Ferguson our “mortgage advisor.” I think mortgage advisor is a fancy word for mortgage broker. Not sure, though.

We wanted to know about our mortgage options before we started looking at houses. We knew what we wanted in most ways, just not in money terms.

First off, we tried going to our local bank. The guy we talked to was very … unprofessional. It’s not that we wanted a guy dressed in an impeccable suit, etc. I mean, I wore flip flops and shorts. But he had stains. He tried working through numbers on a pad of paper (the computer was down or something). He gave us numbers in an estimate that didn’t jib with what we talked about and it was missing details. It had incorrect numbers in it, after we had given him the correct numbers.

Altogether, we weren’t impressed.

When we talked to Chaim Davidson at the Sq. Hill Avalar realtors he strongly recommended Cathy as someone he’d works with a lot. We weren’t sure which realtor we would deal with at that point, but we decided to try Cathy.

We met with her and she went through all the different ways she recommended doing a loan for us. She explain the pros and cons really well. And we left feeling that we understood what we were getting into; as well we felt that if our notes (she helped us with them) weren’t enough then we could ask her at any time for help.

As we got closer to actually buying a house she was a great help. She kept in touch without overwhelming us. I have a ton of emails from her; not to mention phone calls. If I panicked about something, I could call her on the phone and she would help me out.

She was easy to talk to, relaxed yet very professional. She had that sort of “geek” concentration that computer programmers get when they work on things. She was able to deal with the fact we were a strange couple (i.e. we could do math, had done research before-hand, had weird ideas about what we wanted, etc.)

She got us a great deal and she kept us abreast of how the market was. We closed our loan right as loans were starting to dry up due to the sub-prime loan collapse. Our loan was just a normal fixed rate loan, but all loans were being effected. She followed the market right up till two weeks before closing to try to get the best deal.

I cannot recommend her enough.


Cathy Ferguson
Mortgage Advisor
Affordable Mortgage
412-561-3000 ext. 109
412-531-1884 Fax
888-762-2743 Toll Free

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