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Bookmark Receipts

This is something that’s been floating around in my head since I saw the tiny little printer at the public library that they use to print out your receipt.

The idea is simple: Print out your receipt (at libraries, bookstores, etc.) on card-stock in the shape of a bookmark.

This allows for a lot of room for customization; you can put logos on the back and corners, etc.

I just got The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier via Amazon and immediately folded up the receipt to use as a bookmark.  This made me think of my idea again.

They could break the receipt up into two parts; the mailing label and non-book items on a piece of paper while the books would be listed on a bookmark.

I dunno. Maybe it doesn’t work that well for Amazon. They’d probably find it easier to just print up a million bookmarks and chuck them in the box.

But it’d be really nice at a local bookstore.  It’d be an extra bit of niceness that would encourage people to come back.


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