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A visit from sister Claire

My little sister, Claire came to visit. I wasn’t able to make as much time as I like because of other events, but I was able to arrange for her to stay over Thursday and Friday night. She was in town to help a friend do pottery and just hang out at the Pennsic War, north of Pittsburgh, and to catch a ride to Alabama.

We went to the Strip on Saturday (I recommend it!) and had a good time. She found a cool pottery place there (she does pottery, in a serious way) and we took her out for breakfast and lunch there. I was a bit tired from the week as a whole, but I stayed relatively engaged.

Near the end, while Claire was packing, Robin said to me that Claire didn’t know how to talk to me either. I think that was very astute. I don’t know how to talk to Claire. I wasn’t around her for a large chunk of her life, being away at school and her being in College and Grad school since.

I mean, I introduced her to all the important things, like ”The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”, the stainless steel rat, and all kinds of weird music. But it was done remotely and without knowing her.

I mean, we could email each other. I use delicious to send an occasional link to her but I don’t really email much because I don’t know what to say.

This indicates that I’ll have to work on talking to my family. I have this problem across all my family, Dad, Mom, Erik and Claire all. I’ve been dealing with Erik and Dad more lately, and it feels like we’re getting better, but it’s not natural yet. And it isn’t anything remotely similar to Robin’s family.

Well, I’ll keep at it…

Oh yeah, and Claire left her belt. I think I’ll hold it ransom for some pottery. :-)


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