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A bug report from Japan...

Wow! I found a blog post talking about It’s All Text! on a blog called Another 朝顔日記 written in Japanese!

According to babelfish, the author found a silly bug in It’s All Text! (I left out a var declaration) and is explaining the way to fix this. Neat!

I have fixed it, of course. But I can’t help thinking how useful this would have been back when I worked at TurboLinux.

I actually wrote some palm software way back, and I got calls from Japanese magazines that wanted to put my software on a CD in their magazine. My software was GPL’ed, so they didn’t really have at ask. I requested that they send a copy of the magazines to me. Many months later, I was pleased to receive two of them.

I really want to go to Akihabara some day. It sounds like geek paradise. :-)



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R. Mullen

Akihabara is great, but save it until last because there’s so much else to see in Japan and for your first trip, you might want to spend your money enjoying the country first, THEN buying gadgets. It’ll make your eyes water the stuff they had even 10 years ago! Get someone to fly you over for a conference and chances are, they;ll give you someone geeky to take you around to the best shops!

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