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A bug report from Japan...

Wow! I found a blog post talking about It’s All Text! on a blog called Another 朝顔日記 written in Japanese!

According to babelfish, the author found a silly bug in It’s All Text! (I left out a var declaration) and is explaining the way to fix this. Neat!

I have fixed it, of course. But I can’t help thinking how useful this would have been back when I worked at TurboLinux.

I actually wrote some palm software way back, and I got calls from Japanese magazines that wanted to put my software on a CD in their magazine. My software was GPL’ed, so they didn’t really have at ask. I requested that they send a copy of the magazines to me. Many months later, I was pleased to receive two of them.

I really want to go to Akihabara some day. It sounds like geek paradise. :-)


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