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36 Hours in Pittsburgh -

The New York Times has published a good list of fun things to do in Pittsburgh:36 Hours in Pittsburgh -

When I visited Pittsburgh for a job interview in the summery of 2004 it seemed like everyone was surprised I wanted to see what Pittsburgh had to offer. The hotels staff (at the downtown Marriott) had to look hard for a map of downtown. The map, from the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, didn’t even include information on the strip district; an area with lots of fun shops which is walkable or bus-able from downtown.

My last interview of the day included a manager spending pretty much the whole hour telling me how Pittsburgh isn’t that horrible and how it doesn’t have pollution anymore (the steel miles were closed down more than 20 years ago). He didn’t tell me about all the museums and other fun things, just focused on how it wasn’t horrible anymore.

Pittsburgh certainly suffers from an inferiority complex. But don’t let that deter you, Pittsburgh is a great place!


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